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NUVO Network has you covered if it be a TV commercial, a music video or a movie shoot. We have 3 fully equipped
production studios available for booking. Scroll below for more information on our studios and examples of
productions shoot within our walls.


Studio B

Studio B is ideal for commercials, music videos, TV shows, game shows and concerts. It also is a great venue for events, multi-sensory experiences and an open world for techies, gamers and AR/VR creators.


• 10,000 square feet
• Epoxy floors
• Variable height grids
• Sound baffled environment


• Fully powered dimmers
• Central light board
• Tie-in for event production power


• Drive-in access to studio
• Access to workshop
• Full props storage space

Produced at NUVO network

Check out these great examples of productions done at NUVO Network studios.

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